About 'MOJO'
Mojo started life in 2002 by Joe Moye & John Dill two, not so well known anglers, that had a love for fishing & a love for life (like most anglers). In the 14 years since our inception, we have literally created a new industry with our 'NO Stink Dry Soft' MOJO WIPE. Through sublimation printing of corporate logos, as well as small bait and tackle shops, we have covered the East Coast from Maine to Florida, as well as most states east of the Mississippi.  Please check with us later for other new MOJO products.
In 2010 Mike Adamo joined Mojo Companies and runs operations east of the Mississippi. We welcome him with open arms and know that he is going to be a great asset to Mojo with his expertise, knowledge and love of fishing. Welcome aboard Mike.